Do you ever find yourself saying,
“I wish I could get my life together”?

I created this course, Longing for Life, to inspire you to live an unregrettable life, one that on the arc of it all you chose it. You didn't stay stuck, or let people-pleasing or fear or lies hold you back. See it matters how we live and the choices we make because God has a purpose for us on this earth, and if we are stuck in past wounds or pain or fear, we are not truly free. When you are healed and free you will bring relief to a weary world...and to your own children.

I'd love for you to journey with me as we long for life...full, faithful, satisfied, unregrettable life.

You Can Live an Unregrettable Life 

This multi-session online course is designed to help you get unstuck and live an unregrettable life.
What is an Unregrettable Life?
An unregrettable life is one where on the arc of it all, we chose how to live. We made intentional, healthy choices based on truth and faith instead of fear and people-pleasing.
It’s about waking up to your life so that one day you can look back say, “I lived satisfied.”


The Longing for Life Online Video Course
  • Introductory Session:
    Ready to Live

    In this session, you will learn what it means to "Live an Unregrettable Life", and what Abraham has to do with how we can be satisfied with our lives and choices. Sarah begins this journey with you to awaken your heart to live fully alive instead of just going through the motions.
  • Session One:
    Opening Your Eyes to Your Lies

    In this session, you will learn about the essence of the deeply ingrained, destructive lies and beliefs we hold that keep us from being free. As Sarah shares her story of brokenness and redemption, she invites you to go deeper into your journey of faith by facing your own lies and pain head on.
  • Session Two:
    Getting Unstuck

    In this session, you will be empowered to “get unstuck” and choose your life. Sarah will address how to make healthy choices in living, fighting the daily battle that is life, and being for other women.
  • Session Three:
    Embracing Who You Are

    In this session, you will learn that life is more than just accepting who you are. Life is about embracing who you are. There’s a difference! Listen as Sarah explains three keys to embracing your God given identity.
  • Session Four:
    Settling that God is Good

    In this session, Sarah describes her journey of wrestling with questions and pain, and how the Lord taught her to see Him through the brokenness. It is through her story and teaching that she will encourage you in how to rest in the truth of God’s goodness, regardless of what is going on in your life. 
  • Session Five:
    Living by Faith

    In this session, you will learn that the key to living a satisfied, unregrettable life comes down to one very simple, but life-altering concept. 

Hey sister! Let's get through this together

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About Sarah Mae

Sarah has had a deep desire to help others find healing and freedom ever since she was a teenage. Once she discovered the book, The Road Less Traveled, in high school, she knew she wanted her life to be instrumental in the journey of others. With her newfound purpose in mind, she attended Penn State University and chose Human Development and Family studies as her major. Her goal was to become a counselor.
Barely a freshman, Sarah found herself in the Navigators Collegiate ministry, a place for college students to gather and grow deeper in their faith. It was through the Navigators that Sarah began to follow Jesus with her whole heart, purposing to know Him more and make Him known. 
After going through a season of healing from an abortion she had in high school, she interned with a crisis pregnancy clinic and after college went on to work there counseling others and leading teams into local high schools to put on sexual integrity events.
When she had her first child, she hung up her professional counseling hat in order to be home with her baby. 
But the desire to encourage was strong, and soon Sarah was writing a daily blog for women.
She eventually went on to host a blogging conference, write several eBooks, and become an author with Thomas Nelson and Tyndale. 
And then she quit for a year so she could get quiet and listen to where the Spirit was leading her
…which was home.
Sarah continues to write, but no longer runs a conference or fills her plate to the brim. Her heart is still to embolden others to live healed and free and walk by faith, and she does this through writing and speaking and being a part of her local community. Most of all she does it by homeschooling her three spunky children and hanging out with the neighborhood kiddos.
You can find her (infrequent) writing at

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